About Us

Our mission is to simplify and customize cloud computing services so developers can focus on building their projects. 

Sinergy Alliance was founded in 2020 to meet the needs of developers who were looking for simple, affordable cloud computing solutions. Our first solution, VMC, is an easy-to-use virtual machine that can be set up in just minutes. Sinergy Alliance has evolved to serve both software developers and the small-to-medium-sized businesses that are at the heart of innovation today.

Today, Sinergy Alliance is proud to offer solutions to the needs of those just learning to code, builders getting started on their big idea, and scalers, businesses that are growing rapidly and need a cloud solution that will scale alongside them. Keep in mind the principle of simplicity first, we provide a range of cloud computing solutions 24/7 assisted, from virtual machines to managed Kubernetes, that are tailored to the needs of startups and small businesses.

We offer exclusive assisted services for cloud computing about training IA algorithms to help teams go faster and even for those who don’t have an in-house data scientist team can train and validate their projects.